Renting movies from the iTunes Store

The iTunes Store offers movies you can rent. You can play rented movies in iTunes, on your iPod or iPhone, or using Apple TV.

You can rent movies using your computer, Apple TV, or iPhone or iPod touch using a Wi-Fi network.

Note:If you plan to watch a rented movie using Apple TV, you’ll get the best-quality video by renting it using your Apple TV.

To rent movies from the iTunes Store:

  • In iTunes, click iTunes Store (below Store, on the left side of the iTunes window).

  • In the iTunes Store, find a movie you want to rent.

  • Click Rent Movie (if you don’t see this button, the movie isn’t available for rent).

    The movie downloads to your computer.

To transfer a rented movie to an iPod, iPhone, or Apple TV:

  • Connect the device to your computer.

  • In iTunes, select the device (below Devices).

  • Click the Video tab.

  • Select the rented movie.

  • Click Move.

    After you transfer a rental, it is removed from your iTunes library.

Some movies in the iTunes Store are available for rental in HD-quality format. HD movie rentals can’t be transferred to your iPhone or iPod. If you rent an HD movie with your Apple TV, you can’t transfer it to your desktop.

A rented movie expires 30 days after you rent it or 24 hours after you begin playing it, whichever comes first. Expired rentals are deleted automatically.

Note:These terms apply to U.S. rentals. Rental terms vary among countries.


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Renting movies from the iTunes Store