Previewing and purchasing tagged radio songs

Some newer FM radios support tagging, which lets you save song information that stations include in their broadcasts.

If you have a radio that supports iTunes Tagging, you can preview and purchase your tagged songs in iTunes.

To preview and purchase tagged songs:

  • Connect your iPod to your computer and sync with iTunes.

  • Click Tagged (below Store).

  • In the list that appears, click the View button for the song you want to buy. The song’s album page in the iTunes Store opens.

  • To hear a preview (a 30-second portion) of the song, double-click it or click the preview button.

  • To purchase the song, click the Buy button.

Some tagged songs might not be available, and some songs might only be available for purchase as part of an album.

For more information on how to tag songs and sync your radio with your iPod, see the documentation that came with your radio.

Previewing and purchasing tagged radio songs