Downloading podcasts

Podcasts are downloadable radio- and TV-style shows. You can download free podcasts from the iTunes Store. Some websites charge for podcasts.

To download a free podcast from the iTunes Store:

  • Click iTunes Store (below Store).

  • In the iTunes Store, click Podcasts and then click a podcast to see a list of recent episodes.

  • When you find a podcast you want to download, do one of the following:

  • To download a single episode, click Get Episode.

  • To subscribe to a podcast, click Subscribe. iTunes downloads the most recent episode. As new episodes become available, they’re automatically downloaded to iTunes (when you’re connected to the Internet).

To choose your podcast settings:

  • Click Podcasts (below Library).

  • Select a podcast.

  • Click Settings (at the bottom of the window) to do the following:

  • Change the number of episodes iTunes downloads.

  • Change how often new podcasts you subscribe to are downloaded.

  • Set iTunes to delete podcasts after you’ve listened to them.

Each podcast you subscribe to can have its own settings.

To unsubscribe from a podcast:

  • In iTunes, select a podcast or episode.

  • Click Unsubscribe.

To subscribe to a podcast without using the iTunes Store:

  • In iTunes, choose Advanced > “Subscribe to Podcast.”

  • Enter the podcast’s Internet address.

    You can usually find the address of a podcast on that podcast’s webpage.

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