Buying items in the iTunes Store

To purchase items in the iTunes Store, you simply click the Buy button for the item you want. The item is charged to your account and downloaded to your iTunes library.

Important:All sales are final. You can’t cancel a purchase after you click Buy or Buy Now.

To purchase items in the iTunes Store:

  • In iTunes, click iTunes Store (below Store).

  • Find the song, video, or album you want to buy.

    To make sure a song is the one you want, you can hear a preview (a 30-second portion of the song) before you buy.

  • Click Buy.

If you quit iTunes or restart your computer before a purchase has finished downloading, the download should resume at no additional cost the next time you open iTunes. If it doesn’t, choose Store > “Check for Available Downloads.”

Be sure to make regular backups of your purchased files. If your hard disk becomes damaged or you lose a purchased item, you’ll have to buy it again.

Some items in the iTunes Store may not be available in all countries.

Note:If the iTunes Store is disabled in Parental Control preferences, it will not appear in the iTunes window unless you also checked “Allow access to iTunes U.”

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Buying items in the iTunes Store