About the iTunes Store

The iTunes Store has thousands of songs, albums, videos, and more for purchase, as well as many free items.

To visit the store, click iTunes Store (on the left side of the iTunes window).

Important:If you use a screen reader on your computer, the source list isn’t hidden when you enter the iTunes Store.

The iTunes Store includes:

  • Music. Listen to songs before you buy. Buy individual songs or complete albums—with artwork. Download new free singles each week.

  • Video. Preview and buy movies, TV shows, music videos, short films, and more.

  • Applications. Add applications to your iPhone or iPod touch.

  • Podcasts. Download free radio- and TV-style shows.

  • Audiobooks. Listen to books read out loud.

  • Games. Buy games to play on your iPod.

  • Educational media. Download free audio and video files from iTunes U.

To purchase items from the iTunes Store, you need:

  • An Apple or AOL account. If you already set up an Apple account (on the Apple Store website or on MobileMe, for example), you can use that account and have purchases billed to the credit card or account (including PayPal) of your choice.

  • An Internet connection. A broadband connection (DSL, cable, or LAN) is recommended.

    You can purchase gift certificates at the store or give someone a monthly allowance. iTunes Gift Cards are available in stores in various denominations.

Important:All sales are final. Your account is charged when you click a Buy button.

You can set iTunes to hide the lists on the left side of the iTunes window (Library, Store, and so on) when you enter the iTunes Store. Choose Edit > Preferences, click Store, and select “Use full window for iTunes Store.” To leave the store, click Library at the top left of the window, or click the arrow to the right of Library and choose a specific item from the menu that appears. You can also leave the store by pressing Escape on your keyboard.

If you quit iTunes or restart your computer before a purchase has finished downloading, the download should resume at no additional cost the next time you open iTunes. If it doesn’t, choose Store > “Check for Available Downloads.”

Some items in the store may not be available in all countries. If you don’t see the iTunes Store in the iTunes window, it might not be available in your country.

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