Saving a copy of your playlists

You can export a playlist and import it on a different computer so that you can have the same playlist in both places. You can also export a playlist to save a copy of it.

Exported playlists contain a list of the items in the playlist; the actual songs or videos aren’t included.

Here are ways to archive or use playlists on another computer:

  • To archive a single playlist or use it in iTunes on another computer, select the playlist (below Playlists), choose File > Library > Export Playlist, and then choose XML from the Format pop-up menu.

  • To save a copy of all your playlists, choose File > Library > Export Library. The exported information is saved in XML format.

  • To import an iTunes playlist, choose File > Library > Import Playlist. The imported playlist includes only songs and videos already in your iTunes library. Unavailable items are removed from the list.

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