Creating your own MP3 CDs

You can use iTunes to create CDs of music in MP3 format; the songs sound as good on the CD as they do in iTunes. (MP3 is a high-quality, Internet-standard encoding method.) You can listen to MP3 CDs you create on special consumer CD players or on your computer.

Before you burn a CD, you need to create a playlist containing the songs you want on the CD. You can store more than 12 hours of music, or about 150 songs, on a 650 MB CD-R disc. (You can see the size of the selected playlist at the bottom of the iTunes window.) If you plan to play the CD only on your computer, you can use a CD-RW disc instead.

To create an MP3 CD:

  1. Select the playlist containing the songs you want to burn to the CD, and make sure all the songs you want to include have a checkmark beside them.

  2. Insert a blank disc and click Burn Disc.

  3. Select MP3 CD as the Disc Format and click Burn.

If the playlist contains more songs than fit on a CD, iTunes burns only the number of songs that fit on one disc, and then asks you to insert another disc to continue burning the remaining songs.

If your playlist includes songs in formats other than MP3, such as songs purchased from the iTunes Store, they aren’t burned to the CD.

Songs you download from the Internet may be of different quality because other encoding formats were used.

Creating your own MP3 CDs