Watching video

You can watch the following kinds of video in iTunes:

  • Videos purchased from the iTunes Store (you can also watch them in QuickTime Player).

  • Video podcasts downloaded for free from the iTunes Store.

  • QuickTime-compatible videos (such as files that end in “.mov” or “.mp4”).

Here are ways to watch video:

  • To watch a downloaded video, double-click it in your library or playlist.

    By default, the movie plays in the main iTunes window. You can control video playback with the buttons (Play, Volume, Rewind, and so on) in the upper-left corner of the iTunes window.

  • To change the viewing size, choose View > Video Size > [Option].

  • To change the default location where videos appear, choose Edit > Preferences, click Playback, and then choose an option from the Play pop-up menus.

  • To watch a QuickTime-compatible video, drag the file to the iTunes window, as you would a song file.

To play videos purchased from the iTunes Store, your computer must have the latest version of QuickTime. Also make sure you have the latest Service Pack for your computer using Windows Update. For more information about system requirements, click the links below.

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