If you can’t play a video

If you double-click a video in iTunes but it doesn’t play, check the following:

  • By default, videos play in the artwork viewer in the lower-left corner of the iTunes window. If you don’t see the artwork viewer, choose View > Show Artwork Column.

  • If you see the artwork viewer but the video isn’t playing, move the iTunes window to see if the video is playing in a separate window. To see a list of all open iTunes windows, click the Window menu. Select your video if it is listed.

  • If the bar above the artwork viewer displays Selected Item, click it so that it displays Now Playing.

You can’t edit videos purchased from the iTunes Store. Videos purchased from the store can be viewed only in iTunes and QuickTime Player.

To learn about system requirements for playing videos purchased from the iTunes Store, see the support article below.


iTunes for Windows system requirements

If you can’t play a video