Setting a maximum volume on iPod shuffle

You can prevent the volume on your iPod shuffle from exceeding a certain level. You can also prevent this setting from being changed by anyone who doesn’t know the password.

To use this feature, your iPod shuffle must have the latest software, which you can download for free from the iPod website:

To set the maximum volume limit for your iPod shuffle:

  1. Set your iPod shuffle to the desired maximum volume.

  2. Connect the iPod shuffle to your computer.

  3. When the iPod shuffle icon appears in the iTunes window, select it.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • For iPod shuffle (3rd generation), click the Summary tab.

    • For iPod shuffle (1st or 2nd generation), click the Settings tab.

  5. Select “Limit maximum volume.”

    If you don’t see this option, your iPod shuffle doesn’t have the necessary software. To update the software, click the Summary tab and then click Update.

  6. Drag the slider to the desired maximum volume. 

    The initial slider setting corresponds to the volume the iPod shuffle was set to when you selected the “Limit maximum volume” checkbox.

  7. To require a password to change this setting, click the lock and enter a password.

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