Creating a mix using iTunes DJ

iTunes can create a playlist of random songs from your library or a playlist. An iTunes DJ playlist continually updates itself (it’s a “live mix”), and you can edit it at any time.

To create an iTunes DJ live mix:

  • Below Playlists, click iTunes DJ.

  • To select a specific playlist (instead of your library) for the live mix, choose an option from the Source pop-up menu at the bottom of the iTunes window.

  • To change the number of played or upcoming songs you want to see in the playlist, click Settings.

  • To change the order or add new songs, drag them. To delete a song, select it and press Delete.

To hide the iTunes DJ playlist:

  • Choose iTunes > Preferences, and click General.

  • Deselect iTunes DJ in the General pane.

While you’re playing an iTunes DJ mix, you can use the Remote application on your iPhone or iPod touch to request songs. You can also allow guests to request songs to play, and to vote on songs. When voting is on, songs move up or down the list according to their votes.

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