Adjusting the volume

Here are ways to adjust the volume of music and video:

  • To change the volume for all songs (like turning the volume knob on a stereo), use the volume slider in the upper-left corner of the iTunes window. The maximum volume is limited by your computer’s volume setting.

  • Some songs or videos in your iTunes library may be louder or quieter than average. To adjust the volume of a particular song or video, select it, choose File > Get Info, click Options, and then drag the volume slider left or right. iTunes will use this setting each time the song or video plays.

  • To have all songs and videos always play at the same volume level, choose Edit > Preferences, click Playback, and then select Sound Check.

  • If you’re using remote speakers connected to an AirPort Express, you can use the volume controls on the speakers as well as the iTunes volume controls. To use only the speakers’ controls, choose Edit > Preferences, click Devices, and select “Disable iTunes volume control for remote speakers.”

Adjusting the volume