Importing songs from CDs

You can import songs from your CDs into your iTunes library. Imported songs are stored on your hard disk so that you can listen to them without having the original CD in the disc drive.

To import songs from CDs into your iTunes library:

  1. Insert an audio CD into your computer’s internal CD or DVD drive.

  2. When the list of songs appears in the iTunes window, deselect any songs you don’t want to import.

  3. To add the selected songs to your library, click the Import CD button (at the bottom of the iTunes window).

    To cancel importing, click the small X next to the progress bar at the top of the iTunes window.

  4. When the songs are finished importing, click the Eject symbol to the right of the CD.

You can continue to use iTunes while songs are importing.

Tip: You can also import a song by dragging it to the Music playlist (below Library). You’ll see a green plus sign when it’s OK to stop dragging.

The default encoding format is AAC. If you have trouble importing or the imported songs don’t sound right, click the links below.

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Importing songs from CDs