If you don’t see the names of songs

When you insert a CD into your computer, iTunes finds the CD’s information on the Internet and displays the song information. If songs appear as “Track 01,” “Track 02,” and so on, either you aren’t connected to the Internet or iTunes can’t find the CD’s information.

If you’re not connected to the Internet, you can import the songs and look up the CD information another time when you are connected.

If your network uses an HTTP proxy, make sure the settings in the Internet Options control panel are correct.

iTunes looks for the names of songs and albums in the Gracenote media database on the Internet.

To look up CD information in the Gracenote media database:

  1. Select a song or songs (hold down the Shift key to select multiple songs).

  2. Choose Advanced > Get CD Track Names.

If iTunes can’t connect to the Gracenote service or if it has no information about the CD, you can enter your own song information into iTunes. You can also submit the information to Gracenote so that other people can use the information.

If you don’t see the names of songs