Copying files to your iTunes folder automatically

When you import a song from a CD, the song file is placed in your iTunes folder (in My Music).

When you import an item by dragging it to the iTunes window or choosing File > Add to Library, a reference (or “pointer”) to the item—not the item itself—is placed in the iTunes folder. You might not be able to play songs if you move them.

You can change this setting so that iTunes copies of all the items are placed in the iTunes folder.

To copy items to your iTunes folder when you add them to your iTunes library:

  1. Choose Edit > Preferences and click Advanced.

  2. Select the “Copy files” checkbox.

The next time you add an item to your library, iTunes places a copy of the file in your iTunes folder; the original file remains in its current location. 

Tip: When you drag files to the iTunes window, you can temporarily reverse the checkbox setting by holding down the Alt key while you drag.

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