Moving your iTunes Store purchases to another computer

If you have an iPod or iPhone with iTunes Store purchases on it, you can use it to move your purchases to other authorized computers. You might want to do this if you regularly use more than one computer (at home and at work or school, for example) to buy items from the iTunes Store, and you want all your purchases in both iTunes libraries.

To move store purchases from your iPod or iPhone:

  1. Make sure the iPod or iPhone has the purchased items you want to transfer.

  2. Make sure the destination computer (the one you want to transfer items to) is authorized to play iTunes Store purchases (choose Store > Authorize Computer and then click Authorize).

  3. Connect your iPod or iPhone to the destination computer.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • If the iPod or iPhone is synced with another computer, or is an iPod shuffle: Click Transfer Purchases in the dialog that appears.

    • If the iPod or iPhone is set up to manually manage items: Wait for the device to appear in the iTunes window (below Devices), and then choose File > Transfer Purchases From iPod (or iPhone).

Unless the song is an iTunes Plus version, you can play an iTunes Store purchase on up to five authorized computers.

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