Finding CD information on the Internet

When you insert a CD into your computer, iTunes looks for information about the CD (name, artist, song titles, and so on) on the Internet (from a database called Gracenote). If you are connected to the Internet and the information is available, iTunes retrieves the information.

If you don’t have a continuous Internet connection, you can still import songs to your library (they are called “Track 01,” “Track 02,” and so on). Later, when you connect to the Internet, iTunes can retrieve the information for all your CDs at once.

To find CD information on the Internet:

  1. Make sure you’re connected to the Internet.

  2. Select a CD or imported song titled “Track 01.”

  3. Choose Advanced > Get CD Track Names.

If more than one entry is found for the CD (that can occur if more than one person submitted information for the same CD to the Gracenote service, select one of the entries. If it isn’t correct, choose Advanced > Get CD Track Names again and choose the other entry. If it’s still not correct, you can edit the information yourself.

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