Editing song and CD information

When you insert a CD, iTunes automatically retrieves information about the CD and the songs on it (if you’re connected to the Internet).

You can also enter information into iTunes yourself, or change the information that was retrieved. To change the name of the song, artist, or album, select an item, press Enter, and type the new name.

To edit song or CD information:

  1. Select the song or CD you want to edit, and then choose File > Get Info (or press Control-I).

  2. Click Info and make your changes.

    If no information appears in the Info window, choose Advanced > Get CD Track Names to retrieve available song information (you must be connected to the Internet).

By default, changing information in iTunes also changes the file’s name on your hard disk. To make changes in iTunes without changing the files on your hard disk, choose Edit > Preferences, click Advanced, and then deselect “Keep iTunes folder organized.”

iTunes retrieves CD information from the Gracenote media database. For more information, visit the Gracenote website.

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