Customizing the iTunes window

Here are ways to customize the iTunes window:

iTunes customizing.9 Customizing the iTunes window

More ways to customize the iTunes window:

  • To choose which columns appear, select an item on the left side of the window (a playlist, for example), choose View > View Options, and select the information you want to see.

    You can also Control-click a column heading to select columns to display.

  • To show or hide item categories (Movies, TV Shows, and so on), choose Edit > Preferences, click General, and then select or deselect items. You can also use the Parental pane of iTunes preferences to prevent some items from appearing.

  • To keep the Mini Player in front so that you can always see it no matter which application is active, choose Edit > Preferences, click Advanced, and then select “Keep Mini Player on top of all other windows.”

  • To enter custom sorting criteria for an item, select it, choose File > Get Info, click Sorting, and enter the custom text. For more information, see this topic:


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Customizing the iTunes window