Using multiple Nike + iPod sensors or shoes

You can use as many pairs of Nike+ shoes as you like with the same Nike + iPod receiver. It’s best for each pair of shoes to have its own unique sensor. If you use an already-calibrated sensor in a different pair of shoes (or if another person uses the same sensor), you should calibrate the sensor first for best results. For more information about calibrating, see the documentation that came with your Nike + iPod Sport Kit or visit the website below.

You can store workout data for each sensor in separate accounts, or you can assign multiple sensors to the same account.

By default, each sensor is named Sensor 1, Sensor 2, and so on. You can rename these labels (for example, “Running,” “Cross-trainers”) so that you can more easily identify sets of workout data.

To rename a sensor label:

  1. Connect your iPod to your computer.

  2. When the iPod icon appears in iTunes, select it and then click the Nike + iPod tab.

  3. Choose Edit from the Sensor menu.

  4. In the dialog that appears, type the new name.

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