Storing or viewing files on any iPod

This information does not apply to iPhone.

Depending on how much space is available, you can store any kind of file (such as a text document or picture) on your iPod. You can, for example, use your iPod to copy a file from one computer to another. You can also see the files stored on an iPod or phone on your desktop.

To store or view files:

  1. Connect your iPod to your computer.

  2. When the device’s icon appears in the iTunes window, select it, click Summary (for iPod shuffle, click Settings), and then select “Enable disk use.”

  3. To copy files to the device, drag them to the device’s icon (it appears as the next available drive).

  4. To view files stored on the device, double-click its icon.

    You can’t see music, video, or games copied to your device using iTunes.

  5. To copy files from the device to your computer, double-click the icon and drag files from the window that appears.

To make more space available on the device, drag files from it to the Recycle Bin and then empty the Recycle Bin.

For more information about connecting, syncing, or managing files on your iPod, see the documentation that came with the device.

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