Syncing media with iPhone

You can sync music, audiobooks, podcasts, and videos from your iTunes library, as well as photos, with your iPhone. You can sync your iPhone with only one computer and iTunes library at a time.

If you have more media than can fit on your iPhone, iTunes offers to create a special playlist to sync with your iPhone. iTunes fills the playlist with selections from your library; you can change the contents of the playlist and sync again.

To sync media with your iPhone:

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer (make sure the iPhone has been activated).

  2. When the iPhone appears in the iTunes window, select it.

  3. Click the tabs (Music, Photos, and so on) and select the items you want to sync.

    To sync only certain items, click Summary, select “Sync only checked songs and video” checkbox, and then click the other tabs and select the items you want to sync.

  4. Click Apply.

You can sync your iPhone and your computer any time by choosing File > Sync iPhone.

If you don’t want your iPhone and your computer to sync when you connect your iPhone to your computer, deselect “Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected” in the Summary pane.

If you have problems syncing, try syncing only certain information. For example, deselect the Sync checkboxes on the Info, Photos, Podcasts, and Video panes, and try syncing only Music.

For more information, see the iPhone user’s guide or the Apple support website.

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