Playing home movies on your TV using an Apple TV

If you have an Apple TV, you can watch many videos in your iTunes library on your TV. 

Video in your iTunes library must be compatible with Apple TV. If you drag a video file from the Finder to the iTunes window and the video doesn’t appear in iTunes, it isn’t compatible. In some cases, you can save video files in a different format so that they work with iTunes.

Any video that plays on an iPod is compatible with Apple TV.

Here are ways to save a version of a video to work with iTunes and Apple TV:

  • Try selecting the movie in iTunes and then choosing Advanced > “Create Apple TV Video.”

  • If you have QuickTime Pro, open your movie in QuickTime Player and then choose File > Export > “Movie to Apple TV.” For more information, see QuickTime Player Help.

For more information, see the Apple TV user’s guide that came at the Apple TV Support website.

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Playing home movies on your TV using an Apple TV