Choosing Autofill settings

Use Autofill to add songs to your iPod with a single click. You can customize the settings that Autofill uses to select the songs it adds to your iPod.

Note:These instructions are for all iPod models except iPod shuffle (1st or 2nd generation).

To choose Autofill options:

  1. Select Music (below your iPod in the list of devices), and then click Settings (next to the Autofill button at the bottom of the iTunes window).

  2. Choose your settings in the window that appears.

    • To use Autofill to fill the remaining space on your iPod, deselect “Replace all items when Autofilling.”

    • To add songs in the order in which they appear in your library or selected playlist, deselect “Choose items randomly.”

    • To add songs that you rate higher or listen to more frequently, select “Choose higher rated items more often.”

    • To reserve disk space for file storage, use the slider.

  3. Click OK.

To choose the playlist you want to add songs from, use the pop-up menu. To add music from your entire library, choose Music.

Note:Autofill is available only if you manage the music on your iPod manually.

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