Adding podcasts to iPod

Podcasts are radio- and TV-style shows you can download to your computer from the Internet. You can download and subscribe to free podcasts at the iTunes Store.

If you have an iPod shuffle, a Motorola phone featuring iTunes, or a third-party music player, you can only add podcasts to it manually. For other iPod models, you can set up iTunes to automatically sync podcasts on your iPod and your computer.

To add video podcasts to your iPod, it must have video capability.

To add podcasts to your iPod:

  1. Connect your iPod to your computer.

  2. When the iPod icon appears in iTunes, select it.

  3. Click the Podcasts tab and then do one of the following:

    • To automatically update your iPod with all the podcasts in your Podcasts playlist, select Sync.

    • To add podcasts to your iPod manually, deselect Sync and drag podcasts or podcast episodes from your Podcasts playlist to the iPod icon in the iTunes window (below Devices).

After you sync, if you add podcasts to your iTunes library before you disconnect the iPod, choose File > Sync iPod to add the new podcasts to your iPod.


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Adding podcasts to iPod